The Clever Canine, LLC                Intelligent, gentle dog training.

The Clever Canine is dedicated to helping you and your family with your unique dog training needs, whether for basic obedience, troubling behavior problems or private agility lessons.  All instruction is designed to build and maintain a positive, loving relationship between you and your dog and is available to dogs of all ages, breeds, and mixes.

All are Welcome! 
The Clever Canine welcomes and encourages all family members, children and adults, to participate in training your family's dog.  Providing age-appropriate training exercises helps empower your son or daughter and teaches your dog to listen to and respect them as well.



Pet Obedience
- For owners who wish to have a dog who listens to them and behaves politely around the house and in public, a basic obedience course is invaluable.  Skills taught include a reliable sit, down, stay, come and walking on a loose leash.  Basic manners are also taught, including how to greet visitors, mealtime manners, waiting at doors and stairs, staying off counters, and dropping toys and other objects when asked.




Puppy Training
- Learn now to successfully navigate puppy issues such as housetraining, chewing, mouthing and rambunctiousness, as well as socialization, handling, and puppy obedience. The experiences your pup has during the first 16 weeks of his life are crucial to his development as a well-socialized and valued citizen. Best of all, this is when training is the easiest and most fun!



Problem Behaviors - Are your dog's activities disrupting the peace in your home? The Clever Canine is here to provide solutions for you. Issues addressed include unruliness, destructive behaviors, mouthing, separation anxiety, barking, stealing, counter-surfing, housetraining for all ages, and much more.

Agility Training!  - Click to hear a radio interview with The Clever Canine trainer, Valissa Willwerth talking about dog agility!  Valissa trains and competes in agility, the obstacle course for dogs.  You don't have to be an athlete to play and your dog doesn't have to be a Border Collie to be successful.  It's a fun and exciting sport, whether you intend on competing or just want a rewarding, new way to play with your dog.  Much of the foundation training can be done in your own home or yard, with relatively little equipment.


 What is In-Home Training?

This is a private dog training lesson in your home where your trainer, Valissa Willwerth, will show you and your family how to train your dog to be a well-behaved family member.  Sessions are one hour long and generally occur on a weekly basis, depending on your needs.  There are several advantages for you in this kind of training:

Work at your own pace - on exactly what your dog needs.

Train around your schedule - Day, Evening and Weekend appointments are offered.

Save time - by not traveling to another location to train.

Feel relaxed - knowing there is plenty of time to answer all your questions.

Also, in many cases there are specific behaviors that only happen at home, so it is important for a trainer to see these behaviors first hand to make the most accurate assessment.

Ready to train or have questions?                                                       


Valissa Willwerth, Trainer/Behavior Consultant

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