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Treats, Toys, Supplies, Books – Online – Serving the dog agility community, Clean Run carries a wide variety of high quality toys, treats, bones and training supplies.  Consistently fast shipping. – Extensive source for books, DVDs as well as training treats and supplies – Wide range of dog supplies, training equipment, books, videos and gifts – Dog supplies including supplements and medications – Wholesale prices on a wide range of dog supplies, toys and treats.  $60 in items eliminates the minimum order fee.

Recommended Reading

The Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson.  A must-read for all dog owners, offers valuable insight into how dogs think and learn.  "Quite simply the best dog book I have ever read!  the Culture Clash is utterly unique, fascinating to the extreme and literally overflowing with information that's so new it virtually redefines thea state of the ar t in dog training...."  Dr. Ian Dunbar, DVM, PHD, author and pioneer of reward-based dog training.

On Talking Terms with Dogs:  Calming Signals, by Turid RugaasThis little book provides a wealth of information in learning to read and understand the common (but very often unnoticed) gestures dogs use to communicate stress and their attempt to relieve tension.

The Other End of the Leash, by Patricia McConnell, PHD.  A brilliant classic in dog training, plus an enjoyable read, this book offers a thoughtful examination of our role in the relationship and behavior of our dogs, and how we might influence both by considering our half of the equation. The website for veterinarian, behaviorist and reward-based training pioneer, Dr. Ian Dunbar.  Ever changing articles and info on a wide variety of dog training/behavior topics.


Valissa Willwerth, Trainer/Behavior Consultant

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